Before talking of simple ways on How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast let us see what razor bumps are and how they are caused.

What are razor bumps?

If you are in the habit of shaving regularly you sure would some time or the other noticed reddish bumps on the skin and these are the razor bumps that we are talking of now. They are also known as shaving bumps and the technical name for them is Pseudofolliculities Barbae and this occurs often as an after effect of shaving with a razor blade when not done properly.

A lot of us believe that a razor blade gives the smoothest of all shaves but we must also remember that not done properly or with an improper razor it could cause problems such as ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

So how to get rid of razor bumps fast?

I know, you must be in a panic situation wishing to go out for a long awaited party and here you are all razor bumps on your skin looking ugly. But if the situation is not an emergency one it is actually advisable to let the hair grow for about 3 or 4 days giving time for the skin to rest and the bumps would heal by themselves. But if you have no time for this you will have to try out the other means to get rid of them.

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps FastRemember picking or squeezing them will only escalate the problem making them look worse than before.

One good way to treat razor bumps is to use cold compress; place ice cubes in a towel and place it on the infected part and leave it for a few minutes. This will greatly help to relieve the problem and soon you would be feeling better.

Though it may sound a bit weird, infant diaper cream seems to be most effective in getting rid of the issue in a quick manner. Apply the cream gently on the affected area and a little around it and soon they start subsiding.

Sometimes infection sets in very soon so you will have to treat them without delay and if necessary local antibiotics need to be administered to control the situation from getting worse.

And if the above simple remedies don’t offer you relief it is better you see your dermatologist who will prescribe appropriate medical treatment to rid you of these annoying razor bumps.

Treating bikini razor bumps

Lots of people wearing bikinis face a big problem with bikini razor bumps that make them feel so embarrassed to be seen with them. They try out some of the common remedies such as shaving with warm water and shaving in the direction of the hair growth.

But for some the problem is bigger than this that they stay away from wearing a bikini.

Such of those women should try the best bikini razor bumps solution, the lidocaine based creams and gels that help to smooth the razor bumps in no time. They offer quick relief even in severe cases and a lot of people who have tried them out are really satisfied with them.

For more remedies on How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps, you can go online do some research and sure enough you will be able to find very interesting remedies for this annoying problem.